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Alamo UMC Kids’ Zone Home

Where parents and children can learn together about God’s Good News!

Welcome to Alamo UMC Kids’ Zone!

This web site was developed to provide a faith based site for children to visit and participate in the activities of the website in a fun and spiritual atmosphere. We hope that parents will spread the word of our activities  and coloring book pages. Our coloring book have been provided by Communication Resources, Inc. We hope your children and teenagers will enjoy this faith based fun learning site.  Links are also available to web sites that teach basic learning skills such as reading, math, memory exercises and spelling.  We have added these links to support and help the community in improving the overall literacy rate and to offer parents assistance at home.

Periodically we may add links to other sites that are not under our control but will add them after review of the capabilities of the web site and its appropriate material for young children.

Please take time to review this site’s Terms & Conditions of Use.